About Washington Family Center

Connect, Inc. is an affiliate agency of Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services, Inc. (SPHS). SPHS has operated a human services system in southwestern Pennsylvania since 1964. SPHS and its affiliates provide a comprehensive array of health and human services to approximately 50,000 citizens each year throughout the four counties (Washington, Westmoreland, Fayette, and Greene) of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Connect, Inc. was established as a general social service agency in 1995 as part of the SPHS system and in 1998, Connect, Inc. developed the Washington Family Center to address the need for more long-term prevention oriented approaches to supporting and strengthening families with children. The Family Center operates on the premises and philosophy of the Family Support Movement, which emphasizes holistic, community-based, prevention-oriented practice. The Family Center seeks to fill un-met or under-met needs of families with children, help support the efforts of existing providers through services provision coordination, and help families avoid crises through prevention-oriented educational and supportive activities.

Family Center staff provide advocacy within the social service system, in addition to resource and referral services, while emphasizing a proactive approach toward the prevention of problems within families and communities. The staff seek to foster family self-sufficiency and empowerment as well through programming made available.

The Washington Family Center strives to instill a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and the knowledge that there is support and assistance whenever it is needed to all enrolled families.