What is Afterschool?

At the Washington Family Center (WFC) LEARN Afterschool program, our goal is to provide academic enrichment activities, social skill development, and community involvement. The Program not only benefits students, but additionally district teachers and the school district, by improving academic performance and increasing positive self-perception.

Our Typical Day

Monday-Friday, 2:30 - 5:00 pm (directly after school hours)

Don’t forget Club days! Our schools each offer a club day with various fun activities such as the Y.E.T. technology club for GPS, Robotics, Video Game Design, Web Design and Digital Photography or Friday Club day where students can choose from gardening, board games, outdoor games, crafts, art or photography.

Our Curriculum consists of four central components: Guided Reading, Camelot Math, Positive Action and SPARK Physical Education.

Guided reading is facilitated by teachers and mentors to help model successful reading skills, such as understanding words in context, using writing to aid in text meaning, and working with leveled reading materials.

Camelot Math combines daily drills, “hands on” exercises, the MacMillan and Houghton Mifflin math series, and on-going assessment to help identify and work on areas of improvement.

Positive Action shows that positive thoughts lead to positive actions, positive actions lead to positive feelings about yourself, and positive feelings lead to more positive thoughts. Our curriculum work together to teach students the motivation and basic skills for achieving success and happiness for all family members.

SPARK (Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids) Programs focus on the development of healthy lifestyles, motor skills and movement knowledge, and social and personal skills. Students who participate in SPARK Physical Education improve their fitness levels, sport skills, enjoyment of PE class, and activity levels outside of PE class. Students are asked to complete a pre and post test at the beginning and end of the 12 week program in order to evaluate the program's effectiveness.