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The LEARN Afterschool program relies on the support of school districts and mentors to make this unique educational experience possible for students in need.

Enrolling your Child in Afterschool

The LEARN Afterschool program offers K-8 students a unique educational experience of working in combination with teachers, mentors, peers, and parents to build academic skills, self-confidence, and a positive attitude.
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Becoming an Afterschool Mentor

Our mentoring program, available for persons ages 16 & up, allows students and adults to work with 2-3 students on reading, math, and hands on activities. The LEARN program offers brief homework help but focuses on fun activities that improve the students problem solving skills both in and outside of the classroom.
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Starting a WFC Afterschool Program in Your District

The LEARN Afterschool program not only benefits students but improves the academic environment for the community and school district. Afterschool can improve students’ performance on state testing, increase the number of students that continue education after graduation, reduce drop-out rates and encourage positive attitudes and behavior within the academic setting.
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