Start a WFC Afterschool Program in your School District

By providing the LEARN Afterschool program, districts can improve students’ performance on state testing, increase the number of students that continue education after graduation, reduce drop-out rates and encourage positive attitudes and behavior within the academic setting.

We provide students with afterschool care that focuses on health, safety, current issues and academics. Using physical activity, nutrition education and healthy snacks, we emphasize the value of health for students. We additionally care for our students by providing a safe environment for socializing, transportation to the program and accessibility for all community members. Our subjects for education include technology, global issues, reading, math, science.

Our Curriculum consists of four central components: Guided Reading, Camelot Math, Physical Activity, and Positive Action.

Guided reading is facilitated by teachers and mentors to help model successful reading skills, such as understanding words in context, using writing to aid in text meaning, and working with leveled reading materials.

Camelot Math combines daily drills, “hands on” exercises, the MacMillan and Houghton Mifflin math series, and on-going assessment to help identify and work on areas of improvement.

Physical Activity, a new requirement of the Cohort 5 Extension Grant, stating: “Students must receive 30 minutes of physical activity for every 2 hours of afterschool programming,” helps our students build a positive self-perception.

Positive Action shows that positive thoughts lead to positive actions, positive actions lead to positive feelings about yourself, and positive feelings.

Our Responsibilities:

District Responsibilities: